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Special Events

Interested in hosting a special event at AMERICANAFEST 2021?

AMERICANAFEST brings together the Americana music community from around the world including artists, music industry professionals, tastemakers and die-hard music fans to Nashville, TN, for six days of discovery showcases, panels and special events. One of the best ways to become a part of the community during our festival week is by hosting an official event to invite attendees into your world.

Whether it's a rowdy rock 'n' roll shindig or a networking-focused BBQ, you can get creative with how to engage attendees who are looking for a place to connect over good music and good times. Here are examples of special event listings in our programming.


Some of the perks of becoming an official AMERICANAFEST event:

More impressions. Your event will be listed in our daily schedule to give attendees a chance to become familiar with your company before even stepping foot at your event. Your listing will be included in printed programming materials including our Gig Guide and Program Guide, which are handed out to thousands of industry members, tastemakers and die-hard music fans. Plus, your event will also appear here on our website (almost 350,000 page views at peak festival season), our mobile app (almost 10,000 users who viewed the app close to 2M times), our Nashville Scene supplement and local third-party event listing websites like NowPlayingNashville.com.

Higher attendance. Our staff has seen a significant increase in attendance for returning events once they became a part of our daily schedule.

Here's how to become an official AMERICANAFEST event.

1.) Decide whether you and your company would like to throw an AMERICANAFEST Staff-Organized event or a Sponsor-Organized event -- see below.

2.) Before you begin the first step in your event planning, email sales@americanamusic.org with your inquiry, and let's begin our conversation.

Hosting an AMERICANAFEST Staff-Organized Event

Your ideal plug-and-play scenario: You book the talent and we can take care of everything else, including securing a venue, production and backline, etc.

Hosting a Sponsor-Organized Event

Prefer to handle all of the event planning yourself? No worries, you just let us know information about your event so we can list it in our schedule, and we'll stay out of your way.



To view our guidelines for hosting a Sponsor-Organized special event at AMERICANAFEST, click here.

What is the difference between a special event and a showcase?

Special events and their artist lineups (if any) are curated by sponsors, while a showcase is curated by the AMERICANAFEST Showcase Selection Committee. If you are interested in applying for an official showcase, please click here for more information.

When can I have my event during AMERICANAFEST week -- Sept. 21-26, 2021?

Approved timeframes for official special events are 2pm - 7pm on Tuesday, 9am - 5pm on Wednesday and 9am - 8pm on Thursday - Sunday.

When is event information due?

Information for your event will be due in early July 2021.

Who may attend an official AMERICANAFEST event?

Official special events must be open to AMERICANAFEST Conference Registrants. The event may also be open to Festival Wristband holders and the general public at the discretion of the sponsor host and AMERICANAFEST staff.

My event will have performing artists. Are there any particular set lengths?

Official showcasing artists can play up to a 25-minute set at the event, while non-showcasing artists may perform up to a 45-minute set.

I'm handling all the event planning myself. How do I go about securing a venue?

You're welcome to find your own venue in Nashville. There are certain venues that are reserved for AMERICANAFEST Staff-Organized Events -- you can find that list here.

Does anyone from my company need to have an AMERICANAFEST pass if we are hosting an official special event?

Yes. At least one individual from any sponsor hosting an official event must have an AMERICANAFEST Conference Registration. This pass may be included in the sponsorship package with the event listing fee. More information can be found here.

What type of marketing and promotion can I expect from becoming an official AMERICANAFEST event?

Your event will be listed in our printed program materials including our Gig Guide and Program Guide as well as in our mobile app and here on our website. In addition, your event may appear in our Nashville Scene supplement and local third-party event sites. If you'd like to check out more advertising opportunities for purchase, please click here. If you're interested in marketing your event to Nashville folks, we suggest advertising on local event calendar platforms like Do615 and NowPlayingNashville.

How would my special event be listed in the festival programming?

Your event listing would include a title (up to 90 characters) and a description (up to 100 words) of what attendees can expect to experience at your event. You are also welcome to submit up to two logos for our printed program materials and a formatted mobile app image/graphic for our mobile app. Here are examples of special event listings in our programming. Information for your event will be due in early July 2021. 

How much does it cost for my Sponsor-Organized event to be listed in the festival programming?

The listing cost depends on the length of your event. Please see the table below for more information.

Event Length Cost
8 - 10 hours $1,500
5 - 8 hours $1,250
3 - 5 hours $1,000
1 - 3 hours $750