Posted: 25 August, 2023

Join us as we Continue Legal Education (CLE) with preeminent accreditation opportunities. In partnership with The Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville, we are excited to host a variety of exceptional CLE panels and programs during the music business conference of AMERICANAFEST from September 20-22, 2023.

Attendees will have the chance to gain one-of-a-kind insight into the legal side of the music business. While the CLE program is intended for attorneys seeking to earn 12+ hours of CLE credit, all conference registrants are welcome to attend. The panels cater to the interests and education of artists, managers, labels, radio stations, publishers, agents, promoters, retailers, legal and business affairs executives, merchandisers and new media professionals.

See a preview of our CLE panels below!


Show Me The Money
The always popular panel will go behind the scenes of deal-making, income tracking and forensics while analyzing common payment models in the marketplace – from distribution to royalty participants

The Journey of the Song: An Exploration from Distribution to Deposit
From music distribution to royalty deposits in your pocket and everything in between, this panel will review the tools to help artists boost their reach, propel their careers and maximize the potential of every song.

Generative AI and the Future of Creativity
Jon Taplin and T Bone Burnett will discuss Generative AI and the Future of Creativity. 

Vinyl Records: Configuration, Content & Customers
This panel will look at what may be impacted by recording agreements and independent artist self-releases. Learn more about the vinyl economy and its future.

Back to the Basics: How do Artists Evaluate Current Recording and Distribution Deals?
With digital streaming taking the lead on overall recorded music revenue in recent years, what types of recording and distribution deals make sense in Americana-related genres? We’ll learn in Back to the Basics: How do Artists Evaluate Current Recording and Distribution Deals?

Band on the Run: Navigating New Anti-Woke Entertainment Laws in 2023
Join our conversation to learn about recent laws affecting entertainers, including those that could impose criminal penalties in  Band on the Run: Navigating New Anti-Woke Entertainment Laws in 2023.

When Is Copyright Infringement Fair?
A panel of seasoned entertainment lawyers discuss the May 2023 decision from the Supreme Court of the United States in Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts v. Goldsmith regarding the doctrine of fair use as well as other significant judicial decisions from the past year. 

The Ethics of Percentage Deals
This session will examine the important decision that attorneys and business managers must make when determining whether to enter into a percentage deal with an artist.

Some Humans Ain’t Human: Legal Issues in AI
This panel of nationally recognized lawyers will discuss pending AI cases, as well as a host of practical issues involving the scope of authorship, copyrightability, licensing, liability, enforcement and regulation.

The Copyright Claims Board: A Big Deal for Small Claims
The expert panel will share insights into how to file and how to respond to a small claims complaint.  Among other issues, they will discuss the rules for eligibility, pleadings, case management, discovery, hearings and administrative review.

The Basic Legal Issues in Representing Social Media Influencers
This panel will present an overview of important legal issues for social media influencers ranging from the new Federal Trade Commission guidelines, risks for legal exposure, case examples, basic pay structures and more.

A Behind the Scenes Look at Legal and Financial Due Diligence in Copyright Sales
This panel will discuss the most important agreements to be investigated—the primary income sources and their future, the basis of the sales price and the methods/procedures that need to be implemented, so the buyer receives monies from all sources of income.


Interested in attending? Our conference brings together today’s top music industry players and artists to The Westin Nashville for unforgettable insight you won’t find anywhere else.

At $499* ($399 for Americana Music Association Members), Conference + Festival Passes are the ultimate key to all that AMERICANAFEST has to offer over four days filled with panels, showcases and special events.

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