Check out our most-inspired conference lineup yet |

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Check out our most-inspired conference lineup yet

Check out our most-inspired conference lineup yet

// 7.29.22

We'd like to give you a preview of some of the thought-provoking panels we have in store for you at our three-day AMERICANAFEST conference this fall.

From inspirational artist interviews to insightful industry discussions, check out these panels and stay tuned for our full schedule to be revealed in the coming weeks. If these panels spark your interest and you'd like to attend, be sure to purchase a conference pass here. Take a sneak peek below!


Taking Center Stage: Artist Interviews

Hear from a wide range of Americana artists and the stories that have inspired their work.

Taking A Long Look at the Indigo Girls
Writing, arranging and performing together since high school, it's a collaboration that's lasted 35 years and is still going strong. On the Indigo Girls' latest project "Look Long," they find a creative partnership certain of its bearings, forging a way forward. Join NPR Music's Ann Powers as she sits down with the Indigo Girls reflecting on the past and taking a long look at the future.

This Machine Still Kills Fascists: The Dropkick Murphys' Latest Collaboration with Woody Guthrie
On their forthcoming album, Dropkick Murphys put down their pencils, picked up their acoustic guitars and wrote an album of songs around some previously unseen Woody Guthrie lyrics. The power of Woody’s words meets the urgency of Dropkick Murphys' music on "This Machine Still Kills Fascists." Join the band as they sit down to discuss the project and their inclusion in the Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame and perform a few acoustic songs from the album.

WSM's American Songster Radio with Dom Flemons: Interview with Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel
American Songster Radio is a new monthly show on Nashville’s WSM Radio hosted by GRAMMY winner and two-time EMMY nominee, Dom Flemons. Each episode explores a wide range of songs within the American roots music genre and invites listeners into the theme of “music that changed your life." Recording live at AMERICANAFEST, join Dom as he sits down with Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel. 

The Narrators: How Jake Blount, Leyla McCalla and Kaia Kater Re-Mapped the Past, Present and Future With Concept Albums
From the moment that they became performers and recording artists, Leyla McCalla, Jake Blount and Kaia Kater were each doing important excavations of history in their own ways, as singers, songwriters and arrangers, students of musical and cultural tradition and Black banjo players. In their roles of narrator, they've spun stories of their ancestors' resourcefulness and steered their tales toward new understandings of where they stand at the present and what they see in the future. This panel will place their visions and songs side by side.


Industry Perspective: An Inside Look

From cultivating new talent to guiding legacy artists, see behind the scenes of the music industry.

Creative Legacy: Preserving the History and Building the Future for Legacy Artists
In this session you will learn about the challenges and strategies to make sure legacy artists and songwriters preserve their catalog and properly leverage the digital tools available to them to enhance fan experiences for decades to come. Panelists currently have experience providing their expertise and services for Jim Croce, John Prine, Johnny Cash, Lead Belly, Yusuf / Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan and many more.

Label Services: Who Do They Serve?
This panel explores label services and the artists these companies best serve. It has never been easier for artists to create, release and share their music. In many cases, however, it takes a robust team for artists to succeed at a high level. A label service company can provide both a team and infrastructure to support artists bringing their music to market without giving up ownership of their masters or sacrificing the effort behind the marketing of their music.


All-In On Inclusion

Explore the importance of equality and representation on the airwaves and in music.

Striving for Systemic Change in Music: What We Are Learning in Americana Radio
As we strive for transformative change and equity in the music industry, it's imperative that we take stock of the systems in place in Americana music. This session will present new research analysis of diversity and representation on the Americana Radio Top 50 Singles Chart from 2018-2021, followed by a frank discussion about the results. Members of the Americana community will reflect on their own practices and share and invite ideas on next steps that can be taken.

How Americana Music is Embracing Minority Representation
Americana music has been leading the way in representing minorities in its music for years, and the results in the art form are clear. With special guests and acoustic performances, this panel will look at what makes Americana music so welcoming to everyone, and why this ultimately achieves great art and is a great example to the music industry.


Crafting Your Career as a Musician

Learn the tools to carve a path as an independent artist.

Keeping it Short: Short Form Video Best Practices
With the rise of short form video content on platforms including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more, artists have a whole new way to build an audience. We'll discuss best practices when it comes to adding short form video to marketing plans. Not all artists are natural content creators - we'll dive in on advice for artists who may be hesitant to fully engage on these platforms and discuss how much of this is “part of the job” in the current climate.

Home Grown: DIY Artist Development & Mentoring
These days artist development has been put squarely on the shoulders of the individual artist. Having a clear, focused short-term and long-term plan is critical. This panel will focus on giving independent artists an insider’s perspective to multiple viewpoints and how they have approached their career paths and plans. You'll also hear from team members that have helped facilitate independent careers and how their input is equally as valuable to artist development.


Interested in attending? Our conference brings together today's top music industry players and artists to The Westin Nashville for unforgettable insight you won't find anywhere else.

Whether you're looking for advice on that next career step or the latest on current industry trends, come hear from leading experts and those who've impacted our growing Americana community for over two decades.

At $499* ($399 for Americana Music Association Members), Conference + Festival Passes are the ultimate key to all that AMERICANAFEST has to offer over four days filled with panels, showcases and special events. Plus, don't forget to snag tickets to the Americana Honors & Awards on Sept. 14! Be sure to purchase your conference pass here!