Membership Info

If you are a member of the Americana Music Association and would like to receive the member directory, please notify us at
Please note that our member directory is updated quarterly in January, April, July and October.
In addition, if you wish to feature the Americana Music Association logo in your promotional materials, please let us know, and we'll gladly send it to you. 



What is the Americana Music Association?
Please read the page on our website titled About.

How do I join?
Click here.

Why should I join?
First and foremost, your membership dues enable the Americana Music Association to maintain office space and the staff essential to the smooth operation of the organization. This in turn allows the organization to do the work promoting the genre of music known to us all as Americana!

What are the benefits?
Other than the satisfaction of knowing that you are a supporter, you have access to the membership roster, voting privileges, no showcase application fee and discounted registration rates to attend the Festival & Conference.

What are the membership categories and annual fees?
There are two membership categories: Artist/Musician/Songwriter at $35.00 per year and Industry Professional at $75.00 per year. We also offer three year membership pricing: $100 for Artist/Musician/Songwriter and $200.00 for Industry Professional.

What are the Industry Professional categories?
Booking Agent, E-Commerce/Web Design, Legal/Financial/Business Management, Non-Profit or Trade Organization, Management, Marketing, Music Publishing, Performing Rights Organization, Production (Photography, Studio, Audio/Video, Manufacturing), Publication/Blog, Radio Promotion, Publicity, Radio/TV, Record Label, Retail/Distribution, Talent Buyer/Presenter, Venues/Festivals.

Can I use Americana Music Association logos on my promotional materials?
Yes. Email us at with your request.

What is the membership roster all about?
Also known as the directory, it is an active list of all members in a PDF document. It is available to all members upon request. It is never sold or shared!

How do I use the membership roster?
The roster is compiled in an PDF document. Members are listed by their name, company or band, city, state, email address, industry affiliation and social networking url.

Does the Americana Music Association share the membership list with non-members?
No! Never!

Can I be listed on the roster without including my email address?
Yes. You can omit anything you want.

Even though I’m a member, do I have the option of not appearing on the roster at all?
Yes, but we appreciate your show of support by being listed.

If I don’t list my email address on the roster will I still receive emails from the Americana Music Association?

How do I opt out from member emails?
In the event that you change your mind about how you are listed after the roster has been updated, you will have to contact the members individually to opt out from their personal mailing lists.

Can my company join as a group for a better rate?
We do not offer corporate or company memberships, only individual memberships. Since all of our members have voting rights, each membership constitutes one vote.

Can I share some of my benefits with my company or band mates?
Yes! For instance, you can register up to four colleagues from your company or band for the Festival & Conference at your membership rate.

How do I know when it is time to renew?
You will receive three email notices during the month your membership is due for renewal. We keep track of that. The first two emails are reminders. The third email will indicate that your membership has expired.

What do I do if my contact information has changed?
Please email us at if any of your contact information has changed.

What’s the voting process all about?
Members enjoy the privilege of casting their vote in the Honors & Awards categories in the summer and for our Board of Directors in the fall. Please note that ONLY Americana Music Association members may vote in the nominations and voting processes. The accounting firm of KV Financial tabulates all ballots.

Can the Americana Music Association get me a record deal?
We leave that up to your talent and wits. We promote the genre as a whole.

Can the Americana Music Association help me select music industry service providers?
We sell ads to service providers who are featured on the website, therefore we must remain impartial regarding recommendations. Our membership roster provides a concise list of additional providers. We encourage you to contact them directly. You may also want to ask other member artists for their recommendations as well.

I’m a fan. Can I join?
We are a professional trade association dedicated to building and promoting the Americana genre and the individuals who participate in our industry. During the year we do have events that are open to the general public. We encourage your support by attending!